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About TK's...

TK's Lounge is a low-key, laid-back kinda place to have a

cocktail with your friends.  In cool weather, enjoy the large

fireplace while you catch up on the latest Lost River events. 

Dine in the bar if you have the notion.   Be sure to check out all the vintage hunting trophies, dating back to 1950.

Meet Flippy!


Meet our bar mascot, Felipe DeSquirrel, also known as Flippy. 


Flippy joined us one autumn afternoon when we were having the chimney swept and he came tumbling from the flue in a cloud of soot, whereupon he screeched, patted the ash from his otherwise silky pelt and took a seat at the corner of the bar.  And there he sits to this day...

We're not sure where his nickname came from. Perhaps if you stop by the lounge sometime you can ask him yourself.

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